Who’s in Charge? Business Secrets You Didn’t Learn in College

Who's In Charge? Richard Doyle Event - May 4 2017Take a look in the mirror. That’s where the truth lies. And that’s where the buck stops if you are an owner, founder, chief executive officer or president. That person looking back at you from the mirror needs to take ownership of mistakes, regardless where or when they are made or who makes them.

Richard Doyle, the author of “Who’s In Charge” will be speaking at the Norwood Hotel on May 4, 2017.

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Tickets at the Door – $25.00

Richard speaks about the challenges of being an owner, founder, chief executive officer and president. He leans on a lifetime of leadership in order to provide insight that will benefit your workplace, not merely at the top, but at every level. He stresses the importance of ownership and, while some of his truths might hurt if you see yourself in his mirror, he doesn’t want his errors to become your errors. He wants his solutions to become your solutions.

Richard Doyle

  • Owner, Founder President and CEO
  • Managed businesses from $1M – $185M
  • Lead companies in 9 different business industries
  • Named one of Winnipeg’s Top 30 Leaders in the book; Winnipeg In Action (A Profile of Community Leadership)
  • Coached and Mentored 100’s business executives for over 20 years

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