We’re going all-in with social sales!

Lately we here at Expo have been spending a lot of time closely following the development of social media as a sales channel. More and more we've noticed a disconnect between sales and marketing departments, and in many organizations have been seeing a lot of potential leads slipping through the cracks as a result.

The fact of the matter is that times are changing. Cold calling is increasingly less effective, and this is only going to get more grim as younger generations shy away from the phone. Most people spend their morning mass-deleting junk email messages, meaning that email marketing is gradually amounting to throwing a needle into a haystack and hoping for the best. Perhaps most importantly of all, buyers are now approaching the sales process in an entirely different manner, and most are spending time educating themselves about a product before even considering reaching out to initiate a purchase. These days, an overwhelming amount of that research is conducted through social networking.

What this all amounts to is that the sales landscape has forever been changed by the technological developments over the last few decades, and this outright demands a change to how we - as salespeople - approach our craft. This has caused us here at Expo to take a good hard look at how we ourselves have been doing business, and we've seen the writing on the wall. To put it right out there - we're going all-in with social sales.

Introducing a new way of thinking

Digital Leadership Associates
When we say that we're all-in with social sales, we mean three things:

  1. We are hard at work updating our own practices to fully reflect these new business realities
  2. We are expanding our suite of services to include two new social selling offerings - social sales services and social sales training
  3. We have entered into an incredible new working relationship with the premier global practitioners of social selling - Digital Leadership Associates

DLA's co-founders Timothy Hughes, and Adam Gray have made it very clear that their goal is to change the way the world does business, and we're now on-board helping them with this mission. Within this new relationship we'll be delivering DLA's proven sales training IP to North American clients who have seen the world changing around them and are ready to modernize their sales process. If you're willing to shake things up in your organization, Expo & DLA want to help you open the doors to a whole new world of previously-untapped leads.

Still need to wrap your head around the idea of using social media as an actual sales platform? Tim & Adam's books offer a fantastic introduction into the possibilities and offer practical examples. We highly recommend them both!

Social Selling Book

DLA co-founder Tim Hughes has written *the* book on social selling

Brilliant Social Media

DLA co-founder Adam Gray's must-read guide to understanding and building a social media strategy

So what does this mean?

In the long-run the sky is the limit, but for the immediate future this means that Exponential Sales is now the North American distributor for DLA's social sales training program. This program is the perfect fit into our current offering of sales training programs, and we are certain that it is going to deliver exceptional value to our current and future clients.