What Can Social Sales Do For My Organization?

Social sales is the key to ongoing growth in the
modern world – the old tactics of media advertisements, being passive, or cold
contact and direct marketing, are no longer effective. Sales has always been
about engaging your clients. it’s time to go all in, or be left behind.

So, we’ve all heard and read about the importance of social sales and social selling, but what is it really?

Social and social sales is the action of using modern social channels to proactively engage prospects and potential
customers. This can be done using several different strategies within all channels of social media.

As an example, your clients are currently engaged in some way via social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. These social channels are already available and linked on your corporate website. Your sales and active teams can begin directly engaging with those individuals who show interest in the website and its contents, blogs or activities, by simply connecting to them and sharing the content you’re already creating!

Just by leveraging the information available on the company or the individual, and then communicating with them proactively using the same or a different social media channel, you can create the basis of initial engagements. This begins the process of creating a relationship between your sales team or organization and the customer. From there and by continuing to engage we can gain more interest and information on the prospective customer.

Over time, the potential customer becomes interested enough to provide us with information whereby they now become an active qualified lead.

This method is still a more passive method of social sales as we are waiting for people or organizations to show interest in our website, social media channels or content.

While this is a form of social selling there is a much better and more productive method we call Proactive social selling. This process is very similar to sales as we’ve all come to know it. Our first step is to research and develop a list of targeted companies or individuals we would like to develop and engage. From this list and based on our research we can determine which
organizations, which contacts and which sales channels might be the best to leverage in order to begin a potential engagement.

This does not mean we begin sending out unsolicited sales messages through LinkedIn or anywhere else!

This does mean that we begin to reach out by making content and relevant information available through
the most engaged social media channel
to those contacts and companies we are most interested in developing.

We could also include targeted pay per click advertising campaigns into groups rich with our best prospects.

As with initial prospecting of any kind, some individuals and companies will be interested and some will not. However, unlike disruptive sales methods of the past this is much more about providing quality and educational value to potential prospects, and customers will then show interest when they are ready to do so.

This is the turning point, as when prospects become engaged they become qualified leads very quickly, and will move through our sales process more rapidly than we’re used to. This is because they have themselves properly qualified with their interest fully

So once again there is a non-proactive method around building content and websites while waiting for interest to develop, but this will be no where near as effective as a proactive social sales approach we have described.

It is this proactive methodology that is changing sales today. The importance of this process and the continued development of the skills, systems and processes within your organization, cannot be over emphasized.

While this process does not replace all other sales initiatives, it should in fact be a significant part of any organizations lead development strategy. Simply put, any organization that does not begin to take advantage of Social Selling will not grow and will miss more & more sales targets!

So, in answer to the question “What can social sales do for my organization”, Social selling is simply a new and additional process that does not replace traditional sales. Rather, social sales enhances and allows for a more productive, cost-effective and positive result for your organization.

Think about it, when was the last time you answered a cold call and invited the caller in for a meeting?!!

To begin to add social sales to your organization is like building any other new skill or resource. You need to work with companies that are already providing these kinds of systems and process so that you can build into your company or Outsource your needs, whichever is the most the most productive. Further it is also imperative that your sales team be trained on these new methodologies and that this training be made 100% accountable.

“Social” starts from the top, becoming “Social sales” once the organization fully embraces the value and engage it’s customers

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