It’s Really, Really Cold Here

I was listening to a discussion recently about how cold it can get in Winnipeg, Canada in the winter. It’s true, Winnipeg is one of the coldest cities on the planet. The temperatures in the winter will reach 40 below C/F — add in the wind and you can get temperatures in the minus 50C range or more. On the other hand, you will not find a nicer place to be in the summer. Temperatures are moderate and there is not humidity.

Photo by Abby Matheson Photography, Twitter : @abbymathesonwpg Insta : @abbymathesonphotography

OK, so why am I writing about Winnipeg?

It’s because when it’s that cold, people avoid our city. Tourism is obviously limited, and even the residents do not walk around. When it’s summer, the city is a haven for tourists and everyone wants to be outside and meet each other.

If you are wishing to build your business in the social arena today, this is a good analogy for you. If you’re not participating, then you are like our frozen city — no one can or will engage you. You can’t be found, and you will float silently away into the dark.

If on the other hand you are engaged in social media, like the summers in Winnipeg, you will be found and people will engage with you!

It is your decision, but the consequences are clear. Ignore at your peril and engage to your delight.


Written by Richard Doyle — @Deverons1 || @ExpoSalesLtd