Social Transformation : 2018

This is the year that organizations globally will turn the corner on “Social”.

What does this mean? This is the year that those stragglers still critical of this evolution will finally realize it’s not a fad or another phase. To all of those not yet sure, that breeze you feel is your competition moving past you.

Social is not just critical for sales, it permeates every part of an organization, improving communication and human relationships across all boundaries. Leveraging and becoming social is akin to learning how to swim. Some organizations will sink, many others will dog paddle (staying in place), while a select few will learn the power stroke.

What can “Social” mean across the organization? (in layman’s terms)

Human Resources 

  • Improved, simplified and lower cost recruiting
  • Keeping up with your teams in real time
  • Empowerment of entire organization to create a positive and powerful organism dedicated to it’s people and customers alike
  • Providing real time communication to your people allowing for seamless execution of all organizational activities
  • Becoming an organization that people want to work for
  • Becoming an active member of the social network in your industries, existing and new


  • Leveraging professionals and cloud based technologies to drive business and cut costs
  •  Keeping up with changes in all areas of business in real time allowing for immediate adjustments when applicable
  •  Cutting the cord to old legacy systems that are holding most organizations to the past

Executive management

  • Real time instantaneous access to people and decisions allowing for mobility in decisions and strategy execution
  • Open and positive communication across teams and vendors for cost effective and efficient opportunity developments
  • Access to industry executives for capital and acquisition opportunities that might not otherwise be known
  • Ability to attract new talent and skills needed to grow the organization based on real time social communication


  • Access to all the key team members in real time allows for smooth coordinated production whether service or manufacturing based
  • Industry best practices in real time and managed accordingly
  • Execution and delivery clearly seen at every step and at every organizational level

Information Technology

  • Freedom!
  • At long last the ability to harness critical applications to power the organization immediately and without concern as to a legacy infrastructure holding them back!
  • Access to real time data!
  • Ability to communicate with all areas of the organization in real time to maximize efficiency and minimize costs


  • The ability to seamlessly integrate customers, prospective customers, sales and service into one communication stream where all benefit with immediate and accurate data
  • The opportunity to leverage real time data to help bring immediate market opportunities to executive management
  • A closer and much more effective relationship with sales department leveraging the skill sets of all teams to maximize revenue opportunities for the organization
  • The opportunity to align and even set the marketing goals to be the same as the corporate sales goals!

Finally, Sales!

  • Developing new opportunities efficiently and at a much lower cost of sales / ROI
  • Creating deep and lasting relationships with customers and industry in real time
  • Replacing traditional expensive sales activities with much more efficient social sales methodologies that are best practice
  • Increasing sales opportunities while cutting sales cycles in half
  • Becoming an important and sought after source of information for your industries


This is the year.

Make it happen OR watch your competition succeed.

Written by Thomas Ross  — @TRsocialselling || @ExpoSalesLtd