Power Sales Workshop

Our Power Sales Workshop is a four day event intended to address critical sales issues through intense skill building sessions. Your team will experience a combination of theory learning followed by interactive group case studies designed to deliver practical information that will get you results. Participants will be required to apply their new knowledge at work between workshop sessions and have it signed off by management. With our Power Sales Workshop everyone is part of the learning process and held accountable for results.



Our Power Sales Workshops are designed for any industry with 5 to 20 sales people who can attend all 4 days in person.



The sales team regardless of skill level can attend the workshop along with sales management that works directly with the team.



The workshop is four days in length spread out between one to two months. We require time in between sessions for coursework to be completed and marked.



The workshop total cost starts at $10,000 and varies based on the number of participants as well as any other expenses associated with delivering this workshop in person.

Choose this training style if:

• You are unsure which team members may need in-depth training

• The entire team needs support and motivation

• The team is new and could use overall sales training

Training Delivery Options

The workshop will be entirely delivered in person for each of the 4 days and at a location of your choosing. Each participant will be given contact information to reach workshop support staff to submit assignments or should they have any questions in between days.

Sales Accountability

We combine several methods to assess participants throughout the workshop:

• Self-administered initial assessments
• Homework submissions
• Class participation
• Peer assessments
• Workshop sponsor assessment
• Final group presentations

" This program is intended to provide immediate results while focusing on critical sales performance areas "

Learning Objectives

DAY 1 - Process

• Sales Training Day 1 Introduction

• Sales Process – Theory Session

• Group Case Study – Sales Process

• Waste & Efficiencies – Theory Session

• Group Case Study – Waste & Efficiencies

• Group Presentations & Discussions

• Homework Assignment

DAY 2 - Tools

• Sales Training Day 2 Introduction

• Standardized Work & Sales Tools – Theory Session

• Pipeline & Sales Criteria – Theory Session

• Group Case Study – Pipeline & Sales Criteria

• Monthly Activity & Pipeline Planner – Theory Session

• Group Case Study - Monthly Activity & Pipeline Planner

• Customer Profile – Theory Session

• Group Case Study – Customer Profile

• Group Presentation & Discussions

• Homework Assignment

DAY 3 - Communication

• Sales Training Day 3 Introduction

• Sales Communication – Theory Session

• Group Case Study – Sales Communication

• Lead Development – Theory Session

• Group Case Study – Lead Development

• Pipeline Management – Theory Session

• Group Case Study – Pipeline Management

• Group Presentations & Discussions

• Homework Assignment & Final Presentation Review

DAY 4 - Finals

• Sales Training Day 4 Introduction

• Final Case Study Group Presentations

• Final Case Study Group Presentations – Q&A

• Graduation Ceremony