Advanced Sales Program

Exponential Sales® takes helping businesses increase their revenues to a whole new level. Many competitors only offer to create the plan to meet you sales objectives. We will actually work with you and your team to make those recommendations a reality. This allows us to both prove and improve these recommendations against real results. This is the best way to ensure our work is continuing to drive results long after our work is completed.

After over 13 years, we still believe results come from doing the hard work with and for our clients. Your Advanced Sales Program is completely customized for your businesses specific needs and can be made up of any of the services below. From going out on sales calls with your team to helping expand into other markets and everything in between – we deliver results!



In-depth program meant for companies needing development in multiple areas of sales and marketing.


All methods of program delivery are included such as onsite support, infield support, phone and video conferencing.



A minimum program timeline is 6 months while many times our programs will require 12-18 months to fully complete.



Customized monthly Advanced Sales Programs start at $5,000 per month.

“We recommend these services to any organization that requires more than consulting reports and needs true hands on market and sales development. 

-Arnie Milne, Carlson Engineered Composites Inc.

STEP 1: Recon

The first step of your Advanced Sales Program is where we find out the good, bad and everything in between of your company - whether you were aware of it or not. Only after this required process can we create a customized action plan tailored to your companies' unique needs.

During the course of your monthly Exponential Sales® program, we create and streamline the "how" of your sales and marketing efforts. We look at implementing strategic processes that allow you to keep going even after we are gone.

Focus Areas


The Exponential Sales® Recon combines a traditional SWOT and GAP analysis along with individual assessments to create an in depth view of your company’s status, processes and people.

Market Evaluation

We take the time to dive into your current markets through a variety of means to build an accurate picture of your company’s sale pipeline health. During this process, we are able to identify revenue opportunities that can be developed as part of your program.

Strategic Planning

One of our professionals will lead these sessions with your team through a simplified and accelerated method; focusing on your sales and marketing goals so that your program is designed to reach them.

STEP 2: Sales Process

During the course of your monthly program, we create and streamline the "how" of your sales efforts. We look at implementing strategic processes that allow you to keep going even after we are gone.

Focus Areas

Sales Pipeline Process

We will walk you through the steps of creating your own unique sales stages within any pipeline your company requires for its products or services. Once this is complete, we create workflows and ratios for your salespeople to easily follow in order to reach their targets.


The most dreaded duty of many salespeople is finding new business. Prospecting  and lead development are two of the most challenging tasks for any company. We break down the entire process into bite sized pieces by teaching how to identify targets in the market and select prospecting activities that best suit your business. Not all leads are good leads. A lead development process enables your team to quickly identify the value of all leads coming in from various sources and the best method to develop them.

Current Account Optimization

The easiest opportunities lie within the accounts you already have. Your program may include developing a process to rate and optimize the opportunities within accounts you already have.

Sales Channel Set Up

Dealers, resellers, distributors, integrators, agents, direct, etc. Whichever combination is decided on, we become your business matchmaker. We identify and rate the potential partners in each channel and on your behalf we start the initial communications. Once it becomes serious, we can help you negotiate your channel agreements.

Sales Territory Set Up

Expanding into other regions is no small task. We are here to help. Let us guide you in evaluating each proposed territory for its potential and assigning each territory to the right people.

Sales Recruiting & Hiring

A service for those who need help finding qualified sales people during the course of their program. We will help create job descriptions, advertisements, compensation packages as well as perform interviews. Finally we will assistant your company to create an on boarding process to aid in future hiring.

STEP 3: Execute

We work in the trenches alongside your team to test, revise and execute every single one of the recommendations in your customized monthly program. As outsourced sales and marketing professionals, our reputation is based on the success of your program and its completion. Because of this, we are very hands on and directly involved at every level of your company.

Focus Areas

Content Creation

Content is king in marketing. It must be constantly be updated to speak to your audience across all print, digital and social media communications. We strongly believe in understanding as much as possible about your offerings. Only after this step can we develop the right value propositions and streamlined technical information with calls to action that will support sales and drive your growth.

Campaign Execution

Campaign execution involves taking all the great marketing ideas and putting them into action. Here we align sales and marketing efforts for maximum effect through activities such as social selling, referral programs, tradeshows, mail outs, touch programs and a variety of other inbound/outbound campaign options. We manage the entire process and can train key people on your team to take over before your program ends.

Pipeline Management

Sales lives and dies based on pipeline management and yet, it is often a task management is the weakest at. Routine sales budget, account and product/service reviews will be conducted in pipeline management meetings so that everyone is on the same page at all times.

New Account Development

At this stage we validate the prospecting and lead development process that have been set up specifically for your business. As we work alongside your team to develop new business, we can make any changes needed to maximize sales efforts.

Current Account Management

At the same time as developing new business, we will work with your sales team or act on your behalf to maximize the revenue from existing accounts through the following activities: Upselling/cross selling new and existing products/services to current clients, build stronger account relationships with current and stale accounts, and understanding how to increase the lifetime value of each account by identifying potential opportunities and developing those into sales

Sales Channel Management

Managing a newly established sales channel can be a full time job in itself. We are able to continue our work in managing the channels we have already developed for you and optimizing those you already have.(reword) (this is just fine, I think)

Territory Management

This is a perfect service for expanding companies that don’t have the right people yet in each region. We oversee each region’s sales team and support their growth just as we do with your head office.

Sales Force Training

Based on our Sales Training Boot Camp program, we cover the 5 major topics areas in sales: Communication, Lead Development, Sales Targets and Accountability, Individual Sales Process, and Current Account Optimization.  Training is done when possible through a combination of direct hands on in field support, on site at your office and remote sessions.

Sales Management Training

The complimentary service to our Sales Force Training covers the 5 major in sales but from a management perspective. We work closely with your sales management in a Train the Trainer style to take their teams to the next level and easily adopt all the new improvements that come with our programs.

STEP 4: Accountability

How can you know what your step is when you are not sure where you have been? Sales and marketing data provide the foundation of all business decisions. This phase is built into each of our programs in a cost effective and manageable way.

Focus Areas


Not all data is worth gathering especially if no one bothers to read reports. We work with your management team to select the right benchmarking, forecasting and other analytics that make sense for your needs. Whether it is simply setting up monthly sales targets and quotas or managing the numerous marketing stats – we focus on quality data that drives your growth.


There are a multitude of Customer Relationship Management systems in the market and choosing the right one can be a complicated task. Take advantage of our experience merging technology with sales and marketing when making a choice. We can narrow the list of possible solutions, provide customization support and deliver training across your sales teams.