Knifeless Technology Systems


Knifeless Tech Systems led by its creator, Mr. Garry VanDenBerghe, has developed a new knifeless system of applying vinyl for many different applications, most notably, “Vehicle Wraps”.

Through development and experimentation in his own Graphics Arts shop, Mr. VanDenBerghe saw the need to apply vinyl quicker, more efficiently and without damaging the underlying surface. Across the graphic arts industry many vehicles and surfaces have been badly scratched, cut or worse, without being noticed until the vinyl is removed. For most applications whether commercial or personal, this is not acceptable and can lead to very expensive repairs and warranty work.

Knifeless Tech Systems has developed a number of products and solutions that can dramatically decrease installation times while virtually eliminating any possibility of underlying damages

"Having hired Exponential Sales to do the primary market research for us, we soon discovered how effective a sales organization they are. Having confirmed our market opportunities and values, Exponential Sales was able to develop these same researched contacts into key distributors for our new products across North America. Now working with their Agency Division we look forward to many years of sales growth and opportunities."

Garry VanDenBerghe, President - Knifeless Technology Systems Inc.