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Do you want additional website or social media activity that actually translates into qualified sales leads?

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Our lead generation services are the missing link between your company’s online presence and the customers you’ve been missing out on. Our programs come in numerous packages, each which are custom-designed to get results in the form of qualified sales leads.

Why Choose Exponential Sales?

A One Stop Sales Shop
You will have access to a full service team of sales & website professionals who provide sales training, sales coaching and sales process while aligning your web development, ecommerce and lead generation for maximum results
Results-Driven Programs
Traditional marketing is often ambiguous in terms of results. By contrast, our lead generation services are designed specifically to deliver viable sales leads that we can even help you to close!
Time Savings
Rather than spending countless hours learning the technologies and practices used to generate leads, you can focus your attention on doing what you do best - running your business and following up on the leads we deliver
Cost Savings
Our lead generation programs rely on a backbone of specialized experience and the use of software tools which are often priced out of reach of an average small business. We will use these resources on your behalf to optimize your lead generation program
Optimized Advertising Budgets
By having us manage your lead generation channels such as Google AdWords, our experienced team will be able to lower your average cost-per-acquisition through careful optimization and planning
A Single Point of Contact
Have a question about your lead generation program or need some advice for a planned expansion? You’ll have a single number to call to get in contact with our in-house Canada-based staff

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Program Details

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Services: What We Do

Our lead generation services are bundled into several core packages and provide numerous options for you to select from. Depending on your exact needs, your custom program may involve several of the following components:

  • • Custom web design and management
  • • Integrated eCommerce and online sales solutions
  • • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google AdWords
  • • Content marketing & social media management
  • • Targeted social media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • • Third-party software integrations to help your sales team effectively follow up on the leads we help you acquire
  • • Customized lead processing programs designed to help your team successfully qualify and pursue the leads we deliver

In addition to the above options, all of our programs come with integrated analytics data and regular reporting. This is a results-based service and we want you to be able to see for yourself that our solutions are working for you.

Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Our tiered lead generation programs offer businesses of all sizes and budgets an opportunity to successfully find their market and start generating the revenue needed to grow. Pricing is flexible depending on your exact needs, and is designed to be in reach for all small or mid-sized Canadian businesses. Most importantly, our lead generation services are designed to work quickly and will typically begin to pay for themselves in very short order.

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Implementation: How It Works

At the outset of a project we will work with you to determine which lead-generation channels are most suitable for your specific business, taking into account the various factors surrounding your industry and the markets you are working in.

Next, we will put together a program based around your needs, goals, and budget. This program will include a plan to begin generating leads through the channels we have determined as being the most suitable to your needs and cost-effective towards your budget.

Finally, we will put this plan into action and actively manage the lead-generation program on your behalf. We will be in regular contact with you to follow up on results and to solicit your feedback. From there, we will gradually iterate the execution of the program to ensure that you are getting optimized results over the long-term.

Timelines: When Will You See Results?

The time until you start to see regular results in the form of sales leads will depend on the specifics of your industry and the lead generation channels which we have helped you select. When utilizing channels which pursue customers that are further along in the purchasing cycle (such as traditional forms of pay-per-click advertising) we will often begin to see real results within days of your program’s formal launch. This is very dependent on the specifics of your industry’s sales cycle, however.

Typically the first three months of a program will involve a great deal of ongoing optimization, as we begin to build data and use this to actively adjust the various factors of your campaign. For most campaigns months three to six will be the sweet spot in which we begin to see results on a regular repeating basis, but leads will typically begin to materialize much earlier in the process. From there we will continue to iterate and improve your program on an ongoing basis, ensuring that your cost per acquisition is as low as possible and that you lead-generation program consistently gets you noticed over your competitors.

Website Integration: Turning Your Website into a Sales Tool

Our lead generation programs will rely on the use of your company website as a focal point for most lead generation activities. Your site will act as the hub of your online marketing and lead generation pursuits, and we will ensure that it is optimized for this use. Our staff of experienced web designers and developers will work hand-in-hand with our sales & marketing staff to ensure that your company website is performing optimally as a lead generation tool.

When we’re done with it, your website will be a core member of your sales team.

Already Have a Website?

If you already have an existing company website we will conduct an audit of the site at the outset of the program to help you identify and correct any areas which need improvement from a lead generation standpoint. From there we will help you determine whether it would be more cost-effective to update the existing site or rebuild it from a clean slate.

Need a New Site?

If you don’t yet have a website or have one that depends on out-of-date technologies, we can help you put together the modern website you’ve always dreamed of having. Our technical team will work with you to meet both your lead-generation goals, and to optimize your website for use as a general resource for your current and future customers.

Our web-design solutions utilize accessible technologies and training can be provided to your own technical or non-technical staff on the use of the website as a sales & marketing tool.

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