So You Want to Be a Sales Consultant?

The Exponential Sales® Power Sales Consultant Toolbox will provide you with everything you need to do just that. Are you new to sales consulting and have no idea where to start? Maybe you are a seasoned pro but want to find new ways of increasing your revenues?

Don’t Waste Time with Reinventing the Wheel

Time is money in the consulting world so spend it wisely on billable activities. Plans, process, tools, reports… everything in a sales consultant’s toolbox takes long hours to create; even when you have the expertise to do it. Skip the leg work and start making money today.

Proven Systems Sell Themselves

Over many years we have refined our tools and processes with real clients of all shapes and sizes from all around the world. Clients like to know you have a plan, they like to know what they are getting and they love to know its already proven in the market. This gives you a solid competitive edge over other consultants you go head to head with.

Simple to Learn; Easy to Use

Each module comes with step by step instructions, examples, templates, tips, tricks, things to watch out for and more. Everything is laid out in a simple and clear way. Nothing will require you to be an Excel guru or PowerPoint expert. We have set it up all for you, just read it through and go.

Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Our products are affordable to all sales consultants at any stage in their business. You only buy the parts you need and there is only a onetime fee for a single user license. That’s it. Use what you have over and over again. Each are priced so that you can make your money back - and more - on the first use.

Keep Your Brand

You are an independent sales consultant because you want to be your own boss. You need your own brand for that. We understand that completely. Our modules and tools don’t come with endless branding restrictions. Everything the client will see has a neutral design that allows room for your own branding. This is about building your business and what you deliver should reflect that.

"With over 16 years of industry use by organizations across North America!"

Sales & Marketing Analysis Module

Sales & Marketing Analysis Module

An analysis is the first step for any consultant. It provides critical information about your client, their needs and how you can help them going forward. Most consultants will agree it is also where they have the most trouble. Without a proven plan or process, a consultant risks under-quoting, wasting hours, over-promising, under delivering and eating into their profits. Our Sales and Marketing Analysis module eliminates all that and more! This in-depth package will guide you from selling your prospect on this service to the final presentation… and getting more business after!

What You Get

  1. Step by Step Instructions: Learn how to sell this service to your client, how to deliver this service and how to use all the materials that come in this module.
  2. Analysis Overview PowerPoint: Lets your customers know what to expect (which increases buy in and eases tensions) and acts as a sales aid, helping you close the deal faster.
  3. Individual Questionnaires: An extensive set of questionnaires for different job roles typically found in sales, marketing and management.
  4. Analysis Results Report PowerPoint Template: For those who like visuals, this PowerPoint provides an easy to follow outline (with instructions) that won’t overwhelm you or your audience. Make a perfect presentation that has impact and leads to the next project.
  5. Analysis Results Report Word Template: Writing any kind of report can be tedious if you are starting from scratch and not sure how to put it all together. This is no longer your problem - we have created the whole format for you that matches everything else you have done.

Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning Module

Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning Module

Sales and marketing strategic planning is needed by all businesses but few have the time or resources to do this internally. Designed to be a multi session workshop, you will be given everything a seasoned facilitator could possibly need. Your client’s confidence in your abilities will increase and ensure that you have a secure foot in the door for future services. This module can be completed at the same time as our Sales and Marketing Analysis module, or can be delivered to your customers separately. A total service package is something that your potential clients are asking for and now you can completely deliver this service effectively.

What You Get

  1. Step by Step Instructions: Learn how to sell this service to your client, how to deliver this service and how to use all the materials that come in this module.
  2. Strategic Planning Overview PowerPoint: Use this to let everyone on your client’s team know what to expect. This tool will also help you effectively close the deal at the start of your own sales process.
  3. Sessions Agenda Email Template: The recommended outlines and timelines for delivering your Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning sessions.
  4. Working Session PowerPoint Template: A master PowerPoint with all the slides you will need during your working sessions.
  5. Participant Workbook: Compiles all of the questions you will need to ask during your sessions into a comprehensive workbook. This is an excellent tool for engaging your participants and gathering information.
  6. Final Results Report PowerPoint Template: Present your findings and recommendations using this easy to fill PowerPoint – perfect for clients who like visuals.
  7. Final Results Report Word Template: Putting together all of the necessary information can be overwhelming! This template matches the entire process you have already been using, cutting hours from your workload.

Sounds great, what's it going to cost?

We have designed our sales consultant training kits to be so cost-effective that you will make your money back after the very first use. There is only a one-time fee for each module and you can use your new materials over and over again regardless of how many clients you take on. Listed below are suggested price points which you can use as a guide for pricing your own services using our deliverables. These are very real numbers that are based on years of industry experience as sales consultants.

Sales and Marketing Strategic Planning Module

  • You Pay: A One-time fee of only $1,195
  • You Can Charge: $3,000 to $5,000 per client

Sales and Marketing Analysis Module

  • You Pay: A One-time fee of only $1,495
  • You Can Charge: $4,000 to $6,000 per client

Looking for something a bit different?

New Modules Coming Soon

The following modules are under development and will be available soon.

• Sales Training Modulered_arrow_right12 week sales training program that can be done on site or even remotely from anywhere around the world
• Sales Workshop Modulered_arrow_rightIntensive sales workshop for corporate clients with 1 to 4 day options
• Sales Onboarding Modulered_arrow_rightA great standalone service to create a repeatable hiring and training process or as an add on to our Sales Training Module

Standalone Tools Coming Soon

Not quite ready for a full module and want to try out something a little smaller? No problem. We have bite-sized tools coming soon!

• Sales Pipeline & Process Toolred_arrow_rightA bite sized package which includes all the tools you and your client will need to create a sales pipeline process
• Customer Profile Toolred_arrow_rightA customizable scorecard system that helps qualify leads, provide valuable marketing information, and easily identify “Who are my best customers” for your client

Need a little help getting started?

If it seems like a good fit, we offer optional follow-up training to qualifying sales consultants. We will guide you through the use of your chosen tools or modules through the entire delivery process using an actual client. Take the pressure off and contact us today to learn more about this unique opportunity!

"With these proven deliverables you can customize your business to suit your skills and experience"

To Get Started Today

Contact us now if you're ready to get started using these effective sales consulting tools. We are happy to answer your questions or deliver follow-up information on our Power Sales Consultant Toolbox and related services

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