Social Sales Training

Is your organization effectively leveraging social media as a sales platform?

An overwhelming number of companies are still stuck in the mindset that social media is the domain of marketing rather than sales. As buying patterns continue to evolve this is an increasingly dangerous position to take. More and more every day, buyers are reaching out via social channels rather than phone or email, and your sales team needs to be equipped to properly follow-up with these leads.

What Is Your Organization's Social Sales IQ?

This short 10-question quiz will only take about a minute to complete and will help you identify your organization's current ability to generate effective results through social sales.

Exponential Sales is the North American distributor for the social sales training program created by DLA, the global pioneers in this field. Our two organizations have specifically chosen to work with each other in this capacity as we believe that Expo's nearly two-decades of sales training experience aligns us as the perfect provider for this groundbreaking and proven training program.

Quick Info

LengthThe program is typically 12 weeks in length with weekly sessions and ongoing engagement
Group SizeCan be delivered in groups of any size within your organization
ParticipantsAppropriate for sales or marketing professionals, C-level executives or management, customer service personnel, and anyone in your organization whose responsibilities put them into contact with potential customers
ApplicationThis program revolves around hands-on training using real-world situations - it is about putting theory into practice and generating actual leads

This is not lecture-based training - it is completely hands-on and we work with you in real-world situations where we are actively fostering leads through social channels. By the end of the program you and your staff will have a practical working knowledge of how to apply social selling techniques into your day-to-day sales process.

Digital Leadership Associates

DLA are the global leaders in social sales & social selling.

Based out of the UK, co-founders Tim Hughes and Adam Gray are true pioneers in the field. Each is a bestselling author on social sales & social marketing topics, and are constantly in demand as guest speakers and media commentators.

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