Exponential Sales

Why CRMs Suck

Yes, you read it correctly. In my humble opinion just about every CRM out there, and there are hundreds and hundreds, all suck! CRMs, like all technology based solutions have to work hard to try and keep up with… Read More

I Don’t Understand It, Every Year Our Sales Pipeline Shrinks

I was speaking with a new client recently who was totally perplexed by the fact that his team’s sales pipeline has declined for a third year in a row. More important, their sales had declined for a third… Read More

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada Get It!

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA) has just released a TV spot intended to position CPAs as valuable assets to businesses heading into uncharted territory. The spot, entitled “Record Label,” takes viewers back to the 1990s, on the… Read More

Are You a Nowhere Man in the World of Social Selling?

The year was 1965 and John Lennon wrote the song Nowhere Man, which was an introspective about his life at that time. He was asking himself; “Where am I going?” Where am I going is a question all… Read More

Does Social Selling mean never picking up the phone again?

This is one of the most asked questions we get and deserves a proper answer. So here it is. No!!   The idea that the entire sales process is now conducted online is simply a fallacy (That should… Read More

Vinyl Records or Music Streaming – Cold calls or Social Selling

I am an avid collector of vinyl records. I have had a fascination with them since I first started collecting in the 1960’s. I was working for a rail company as a Redcap (carrying customer baggage for them),… Read More

What’s so important about content, anyway?

People buy from people. Ok, i’m getting to the point too quick, but stick with me. That statement should be enough to explain why content is so important, but for many we need to look at the whole… Read More

Gone in 1.3 seconds

Originally Posted on Social-Experts.net by @Alexander_Low || @DigitalLeadersA I was at the Insurance and innovation disruption event a few months ago and Nicola Day from Facebook shared this stat : “You have 1.3 seconds to engage someone with content before they thumb… Read More

Business Networking

You’re in Sales and Introverted – Is Social the Answer?

Some people would see the title of this as an oxymoron. How can you be in sales and be an introvert at the same time? I have been doing this for 40 years. Being an introvert and entering… Read More