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Why CRMs Suck

Yes, you read it correctly. In my humble opinion just about every CRM out there, and there are hundreds and hundreds, all suck! CRMs, like all technology based solutions have to work hard to try and keep up with… Read More

Does Social Selling mean never picking up the phone again?

This is one of the most asked questions we get and deserves a proper answer. So here it is. No!!   The idea that the entire sales process is now conducted online is simply a fallacy (That should… Read More

Fix the System, Not the Sales People

Organizational leaders ranging from military commanders 4000 years ago to the leaders of today’s corporations – commercial, government, even professional sports organizations – learned that the cardinal advantage of an organization is that success can come from a… Read More

Tony Chapman Is Right

I was reading a great post by Tony Chapman (@TonyChapman ) today regarding the current state of online shopping and how it is impacting the traditional brick and mortar stores. As an introduction, if you don’t know Tony, he… Read More

Find Continuous Improvement Through Social

I was watching an episode of Sunday Morning this weekend and they had an article about Japanese Whisky. Although Japanese whisky is not top of mind here, it seems that they have developed a wonderful product and one… Read More

What’s so important about content, anyway?

People buy from people. Ok, i’m getting to the point too quick, but stick with me. That statement should be enough to explain why content is so important, but for many we need to look at the whole… Read More

You’re the Problem!

  By now it is abundantly clear and very well established that buyer behaviour has radically changed. It is equally clear that traditional advertising and lead generation techniques are no longer effective. So why are organizations so slow… Read More

5 Things I’ve Already Learned With Social Selling

I am a newbie to Social Selling. Other than LinkedIn I ignored the other social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I saw no value in them and perceived them only as a way to… Read More

Whiteboard Versus In-Field training

There are quite a number of sales training methodologies that have become common. Most, if not all of these, incorporate a “classroom style training” with whiteboards and other visual aids. Some even still use powerpoints, and I had… Read More

Are You Social Selling or Social Marketing?

Originally Posted on Social-Experts.net By Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes If you didn’t know, social selling is a reaction to the self-educated buyer. But in spite of the name, it is not selling on social. It’s subtler than that. Let’s start at the… Read More